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IDS Plants 160 Trees with JUST ONE Tree

IDS Plants 160 Trees with JUST ONE Tree

Earlier this year we joined JUST ONE Tree and made a commitment to plant 10 tress for every Electric Motor Energy Survey we conduct.

We have always been passionate about reducing energy consumption and lowering CO2 emissions. This is reflected in our continuous work internally to reduce our own consumption and over 20 years working with customers to increase their efficiency. It was a natural progression to see what work we could aid on the other end of the sustainability battle. Then we found JUST ONE Tree!

We are pleased to announce that this month we have planted another 160 trees!

JUST ONE Tree sent us the following message:

“Because of you, a further 160 seeds will be chosen and planted by our partners in one of their nurseries.  Once the next rainy season is upon us, your seedlings will be transported to their carefully selected new homes, where they will be planted and nurtured over the coming years. These 160 trees will then start to remove approximately 49.28 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over the next 25 years.”

IDS MD, Blaise Ford comments:

“Working with JUST ONE Tree is simplicity itself. Not only do they work with communities across the world to restore forests, wildlife habitats and communities, but they also provide a wealth of tools and collateral to help us to promote their hard work. For us this partnership is easy and we stand in awe of the hard work and commitment the JUST ONE Tree team demonstrates.”

Joining Just One Tree

“At JUST ONE Tree we take pride in partnering with other organisations who are as passionate about protecting the planet as we are. We welcome businesses into our collective who are demonstrably committed to treading as lightly on the earth as possible and working towards reducing humanity’s negative impact on the natural world.”

If you’re looking to increase your sustainability strategy, compensate for your carbon emissions and help restore the planet ​​then JUST ONE Tree can help.

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