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Inverter FAQs

Q. My Inverter won’t work, why?

Q. What advantage is there in using an inverter to control a motor?

Q. How will an Inverter affect my power factor?

Q. Do inverters create harmonics? If so are they a problem?

Q. What level of electro-magnetic filtration do I require for my inverters?

Q. How will an inverter save me money?

Q. How efficient is an inverter?

Q. Can you explain the IP ratings?

Q. How much energy will an inverter save?

Q. Sometimes on really hot days my pumps can’t cope, Can I speed them up?

Q. What is sensorless vector control?

Q. The term inverter is a little confusing, since we also use drive and amplifier to describe the electronic unit that controls a motor. What does inverter mean?

Q. What type of motor is compatible with inverters?

Q. How will I know if my application will require resistive (dynamic) braking?

Q. Can a drive replace a softstart?

Q. Can I run my application at extremely low speeds?

Q. What is the equation for converting Horse Power (HP) to kilowatts (kW)?

Q. What is Cube Law?

Q. Are variable frequency drives phase sensitive?

Q. How does a variable speed pump drive system save energy, compared to a system that runs with a normal contactor arrangement?

Q. Can you service our inverters? Even if they are not ABB drives?

Q. Can you repair our Inverter(s)?

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