Inverter Technical Advice. We at IDS are available for inverter technical advice on a range of ABB inverter, motor and application issues. We are happy to advise our customers on the following:

Inverter Technical Advice

Inverter Technical Advice

  • Selection of inverters
  • Selection of motors for inverter control including SynRM
  • Inverter control including PID loops
  • Commissioning of inverters
  • Optimisation of inverters
  • Suitable inverter environments
  • Adapting inverter control to suit the environment and industry
  • Troubleshooting inverter problems
  • Suitable inverter applications
  • Upgrade of dc motors and controllers to ac motors and inverters
  • Upgrade of other forms of variable speed to inverter control
  • Energy savings using inverter control
  • Harmonics and their mitigation
  • Use of soft starters
  • EMC interference


Need some quick information? For your convenience and for quick reference we have a general Inverter FAQ page which you may find helpful and a dedicated ABB ACS580 FAQ pagewe also list all ABB documents for you to download, which a table of contents can be found on the ABB Document page.

At IDS we have been selecting, supplying, installing, commissioning, repairing, optimisation and servicing ABB inverters for over 20 years and we would like to think that we can use our wealth of experience to ‘design out’ any future problems our clients may face. Don’t take our word for it, visit our Testimonials page and read what our clients say about our services. Have an emergency? Then use our Breakdown Assistance, click here for more details and to register your company.

If you require specific technical advice on inverters, our engineers will only be too pleased to help. Contact us on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]