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Midlands Quarry Set To Save £88k per Annum

Midlands Quarry Set To Save £88k per Annum

A quarry in the Midlands is set to save an astonishing £88k per annum on their energy costs and will reduce their CO2 by 197 tonnes per year.

Midlands Quarry Set To Save £88k per Annum

In a recent motor energy survey, our team analysed this Midlands quarry and found 7x pumps that would benefit from inverter control. The motors running the pumps range from 37 – 132 kW however, as is often the case these were over-specified and they do not need to run full pelt all the time. Utilising inverter technology the survey suggests a speed reduction of 15% which, because of Cube Law will produce monetary savings more in the region of 40%. The predicted payback for this project will see a return on the original investment in just under 9 months.

Quarry Energy Savings

Due to the huge increase in energy costs, the quarry has set energy savings very high up on their priority list.

One major consideration for this project is that the environment the inverters will be going into, this quarry like all sites of this nature generate a lot of dust, dust and electrical devices do not go well together, so we will be looking at how best to protect the inverter as a part of the install advice.

Reducing Energy Usage Not Performance

The savings proposed in this survey will not affect the performance of the quarry as the reductions are based around matching the needs of the pumps and only running when required.

These energy savings can be achieved in almost any setting that has electric motors powering applications. To book an electric motor survey to see what savings can be achieved at your premises please call 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]

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