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Quick Win Energy Savings for Fan and Pump Applications

Quick Win Energy Savings for Fan and Pump Applications


Air conditioning pumps and fans are a common feature in most UK buildings. Generally these are operated via oversized fixed speed motors and have restrictors, for example valves or dampers to control the operation.

How ?

Variable Speed Drive solutions:

  • Reduce motor speeds to optimise fan and pump delivery without restrictors
  • Additional pipe work, ductwork, valves and dampers may not be required
  • Ideal for retrofit or new build applications
  • Just a 7% speed reduction can result in a 20% energy on saving on some applications.
  • Call IDS for more information and your free Energy Efficiency Motor Audit on your fan & pump applications and save money now !

Most pump and fan systems are over-sized, so speed can nearly always be reduced!

Quick Win Energy Savings for Fan and Pump Applications

Just 7% speed reductions = 3.5Hz, results in a 20% energy saving!

It’s just as well there are tremendous energy and financial savings to be made as it is now a part of building regulations. Section 13 of the Non-Domestic Building Compliance Guide 2010 states:

Quick Win Energy Savings for Fan and Pump Applications


For larger organisation the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) comes into force this year:

ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria. The Environment Agency is the UK scheme administrator.

Organisations that qualify for ESOS must carry out ESOS assessments every 4 years. These assessments are audits of the energy used by their buildings, industrial processes and transport to identify cost-effective energy saving measures.

Organisations must notify the Environment Agency by a set deadline that they have complied with their ESOS obligations.

Call IDS now to organise an Energy Efficiency Motor Audit – Save Energy, Save Money, and comply with mandatory legislation!

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