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University Energy Saving Potentials

University Energy Saving Potentials

A free energy efficiency motor audit was undertaken to look into energy savings within a scientific studies building at a university in Cambridge.

University Energy Saving Potentials

The findings revealed that there were 12 AHUs (Air Handling Units) at the university. There are two 5.5 kW motors on each extract fan that run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This totals to 332 kW of installed power. The air flow through these AHUs is controlled by use of dampers, however, whilst dampers restrict the air flow the motors powering the AHUs remain at full speed. There was also an added complication between the supply fans and the fume cabinets which were extracting the air out of the building.

Our calculations show that the university spends £105,000 per annum to operate these fans. By installing ABB inverters to control the air flow, at a cost of under £28,000, they potentially could save £55,000 per year.

By adding inverters to the motors on the fans, we can slow the motor speed to achieve the desired output, whilst reducing energy consumption and therefore saving money on expensive electric bills. By reducing the speed of the AHU motors by 20%, you save 50% of the energy consumption.

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If you would like to know how much energy your university or other facility can save, contact Inverter Drive Systems Ltd. We have experts on hand who will conduct an Energy Efficiency Motor Audit that will show you the annual predicted energy monetary savings before you commit to purchase. Call 0115 944 1036

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