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Using Inverters Within The Coatings Industry

Using Inverters Within The Coatings Industry

IDS are an associate members of BCF (British Coatings Federation). We are keen to explore the energy saving possibilities using inverters within the coatings industry and have seen a couple of sites. A large number of applications have been identified within the coatings industry where inverters can assist in the reduction of wasted energy, these include mixers, compressors, fume extraction, dc to ac conversions also air handling units (AHUs),  chilled water pumps and cooling towers. The motor ratings on these applications range from 7.5 kW to 55 kW. By installing an inverter to these motors we can typically achieve savings that have a payback in around 12 months.

Using Inverters Within The Coatings Industry

Even if your motors are installed in an arduous or hazardous area IDS offer specialist knowledge on when and where inverters can be fitted into existing control panels. Where this is not possible ABB inverters can be wall-mounted and integrated into existing control systems. ABB’s article regarding hazardous areas explains this further.

Many older variable speed applications use dc motors. These can be upgraded to use energy efficient ac motors and ABB inverters. Here savings are made in increased energy efficiency and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Some of the inverters on chilled water pumps can save in the region of 30 to 60% of the energy used, while optimisation of existing drives could enhance the savings on AHUs.

If you already benefit from using inverters, IDS can still help as we can offer service and support on existing installations, identifying energy saving opportunities or replacement drives if necessary. In addition we have a range of hire inverters for larger applications to ensure that any loss of production due to breakdown is kept to a minimum.

To find out how your plant can reduce energy and thereby save considerable costs, contact us on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected] to arrange a free Energy Efficiency Motor Audit


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