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Water Industry Inverter Checklist

Water Industry Inverter Checklist

IDS have a special relationship with the water industry. We have been specifying, supplying, installing and commissioning inverters, giving technical support and providing inverter servicing within the industry for over 15 years. Inverters benefit the water industry enormously from the substantial energy savings when installing inverters to pumps and fans. There are other major benefits of installing inverters including, gentle starts, unity power factor and process improvements.

Water Industry Inverter Checklist

To assist in the selection of inverters for the water industry, we have provided a water checklist with the salient features of the ABB inverters to aid you to select the right inverter for you. The document covers:

  • Product Features
  • Service Features
  • Technical Features
  • Applications

This is an invaluable checklist for all water industry consultants, contractors and designers as well as water industry end users.

Please download your copy here.

If you require further assistance selecting ABB inverters for the water industry, then contact our helpful sales support team on 0115 944 1036 or email [email protected]


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