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What is the point of ESOS?

What is the point of ESOS?

We spoke to Lorraine Famiglietti of IDS regarding ESOS. A mandatory European programme to implement energy audits into large organisations. Here is what she had to say.

“Those subject to ESOS get to find out how wasteful their energy usage is, but is there a comeback to change anything they find?  No. Perhaps there should be, if companies find they are using too much electricity and they do nothing about it should they be held accountable?

Let’s not have just another tick box exercise like the Green Deal.

What is the point of ESOS?

The benefit of ESOS is it gets the recommendation to the board level of the company and hopefully will result in the buy in that these measures are a worthwhile expenditure.

Here at IDS we have been carrying out energy efficiency motor audits for nearly 20 years with huge successes in a wide variety of industries, food  – chilled, frozen, manufacturing, production , water, leisure, to name a few.  We are now working with a number of ESOS auditors to make these energy saving suggestions to those companies subject to ESOS.

We have proven that installing inverters to control oversized motors can reduce energy consumption, motors are responsible for 65% of the industrial electrical energy consumed.

If even just a few companies implement this energy saving measures it will have made the ESOS programme worthwhile.”

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